domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

U r b a n P o r t r a i t # 1

                              E S T R E L L A · 27 ·  S a n t i a g o  d. C.

j a c k e t :  vintage  (Beacon´s Closet, New York)
t o p   @   zara
p a n t  @  zara
s h o e s  @ zara
b a g :  vintage
s u n g l a s s e s :  ray-ban vintage 
f o u l a r d :  H&M

11 comentarios:

  1. love this look and the use of block colours. FAB!


  2. Love the shape of the tshirt and beautiful colour with the trousers! Lovely look.

  3. Me encanta la combinación de colores, super chulos los pantalones.

    BEsitos desde:

  4. Me gusta muchísimo la combinación, es fenomenal en serio !!! ;D

  5. i like this shoes. xx

  6. love your blog!following you!!
    pls check out mime I'd love your opinion!


  7. Thanks so much for the comment - you have some great photos! Plus, you get some major points for having The Box Tops and Beirut on your playlist. Excellent taste! Definitely following you.

    Those shoes are amazing - I want them now!

    xx V

  8. cool look! thanks so much for your lovely comment :]